How to reach the fort

By car:

Due to the isolated position of the fort, the navigator can help only as far as the church of Tresche’ Conca ( municipality of Roana, Vicenza, 36010 ). At that point there are indications on how to proceed to the fort which can be easily reached via the former military road.
At a short distance from the entry gate, an ample and free parking area is available for both visitors to the fort and clients of the restoration bar.

From Vicenza: Follow the SP 349 in the direction of the tableau of Asiago ( Strada del Costo). At Tresche’ Conca (contrada Fondi), follow the signs and directions. The distance to the fort is approximately 5 Km.

From the highway: Follow the highway until the exit for Piovene- Rocchette and then enter the SP 349 to Asiago until you reach Tresche’ Conca. Then follow directions as above.

From Trento: Follow signs for Asiago until you reach Camporovere, and then deviate towards Canove and Tresche’ Conca.

On foot or by bicycle:
The geographical position of fort Corbin is such that it can become the final destination or an intermediate resting place for many of the tracks. Track CAI 635 joins the fortress with the valley of the Astico river, while track 804 takes to Tresche’ Conca. These two tracks, together with CAI 633, form a long ring journey through the Valdassa. With a walk of less than an hour, visitors can reach the top of mount Cengio. As an alternative for families and groups, it is possible to follow the main road which leads directly to the town of Tresche’ Conca.