Activities and services

Due to the complex and articulated structure, Fort Corbin lends itself to many activities for families, excursionists, groups and even for school children.

Individual visits
autumnOn the days when the fort is open, individual visits are possible. The route, indicated by arrows, numbers and explanatory notes allows the visitor to tour the whole of the site without the need of any assistance.


Guided visits
A short notice is needed to organize groups and school children visits with a guide. The guided visits are conducted by the owners, who have carried out extensive studies on the history of the fort and of the Italian history of WW1, together with the events which affected the plateau during WW 1. During the visit the guide will illustrate not only how the soldiers lived in the fortress but also the effects the war had on the ecology, on the structure itself and on the local population. This visit lasts about 70 minutes but this time may vary due to the difference of ages and the knowledge of the groups.
Days at the fort – picnic area
panoramaAn admission ticket is valid for the whole day. The park surrounding the fort is kept in good order and allows visitors to have a picnic and even to sun bath.
Bar and restoration point
At the point of entry there is a small restoration area. The visitors may avail themselves of these facilities for a drink or even a snack without needing to book in advance.
Naturalistic excursions
excursionsThe geographical position of the fort makes it an ideal destination or even an intermediate stop point before proceeding along the many tracks in the area, which are all properly marked.
Track CAI 635 connects the fort to Valdastico, whereas track CAI 804 takes to Tresche’ Conca. Tracks CAI 634 and CAI 804, together with track 633, form a ring route across the Valdassa.
Within an hour at normal walking pace, a walker can reach mount Cengio, the sacred area dedicated to the Grenadiers of Sardinia. As an alternative, the main road from the fort can lead to the church of Tresche’ Conca.


Photographic services
weddingThe wonderful position of the fort and the ecology of the area offer visitors enchanting panoramas which can be used as background for photographic services (such as weddings and school records).
Reunions and convivial meetings
There are industries and associations which select Fort Corbin for social functions and also for workshop meetings. Flexible arrangements can be made with clients to satisfy their needs.


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